We hope to engage the larger community in advocating social justice.


The AMEN Project consists of a bunch of artists who paint for a cause: to rid the world of religious intolerance.


The AMEN Projects (Artist’s Movement to Engage Nonviolence) are part of a multi-religious committee of artists, architects, and human rights activists seeking justice for a recent Church burning incident which occurred in Khartoum, Sudan. We have committed ourselves to producing all the art work for the rebuilding of the Church and its adjunct facilities. The work featured iconic religious images representing the peace, harmony, and tolerance religions strive to establish.

Since responding to this incident, we have expanded AMEN to tackle issues regarding religious and ethnic intolerance in similar communities in Africa. AMEN uses art as its primary means of combatting ethnic and religious conflicts. Art works to promote healthier communities. We pledge to work on many other projects to forward this mission.

The project team is composed of Khalid Kodi (Adjunct Professor of Art at Boston College and Massachusetts College of Art), Elrayah Kodi, Sean Hackel, Kyle Craven, Anthony Ford, Amou Ajang, Diane Kim, and Helen Zhang.